Youth Climbing Program—Momentum Indoor Climbing

Kids climbing the walls? Momentum has the solution with climbing classes geared to youth.


One of the youth climbing classes at Momentum Indoor Climbing. Photo courtesy of Momentum.

Lead climbing, top roping, crack climbing, and bouldering can all be done indoors at Momentum Indoor Climbing gyms (Momentum). “Indoor climbing is an up-and-coming sport,” Katie Thorup, Momentum’s youth program regional manager for Utah, says. “Climbing has made it into the 2020 Olympics, giving kids the opportunity to take this extreme sport to higher levels.”

Mo Mini, Base Camp, Youth Club, and Team Momentum are the youth programs Momentum offers for children between 3 through 19. They can go at their own pace with a 1-5 ratio of coaches to kids. “The coaches are all knowledgeable and can help them at any level. We train all of our coaches, and we really try to hit home that Momentum youth programs provide participants with expert programming and professional coaches who understand how the sport of climbing works for the youngest minds,” Thorup says.

“Problem solving, decision making, discipline, focus, bravery, ability to adapt, and overcoming difficult circumstances are some of the benefits for the kids,” she added. “As well as fitness, balance, strength, flexibility, and power.”

Jeff Pedersen, CEO and founder of Momentum Indoor Climbing, opened the first location in Sandy in 2006. They have since opened up one in Millcreek and Lehi here in Utah, and two in Texas, with two more coming to the Seattle, Washington area in 2018 and 2019. The gyms were designed to have natural light from big windows and skylights. The walls were built by Walltopia, “the world’s leading wall manufacturer” headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Momentum Indoor Climbing is a family friendly gym with a lot of opportunities for parents to come with their kids. They offer day passes, punch cards, and yearly memberships. The only equipment needed is a harness and shoes, which can be rented on site.

“It’s really fun to be able to work for a company that’s making moves in the industry,” Thorup says. “We all have the same passion: to get kids climbing.”


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