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Head Chef Rene Negron at Cliff Dining Pub

Cliff Dining Pub blends scenery with sushi.


Rene Negron, head chef at Cliff Dining Pub. Photos by Tyson Rollins.

The Cliff Dining Pub: sitting on the southeast bench of Salt Lake Valley, this Draper establishment provides a one-of-a-kind Sushi experience.

There’s an impressive versatility to the design of The Cliff. From stylish atmosphere and live music, to the diverse and top-end cuisine—this fine eatery renders a clear picture: The Cliff knows what it’s doing, and it does it well.

Among the many dishes and specialty entrées the menu presents, The Cliff is also known for its unique Sushi bar. I had a chance to speak with the man in command of this bar, Rene Negron, who currently works as head chef amongst his talented and charismatic colleagues.

Utah Stores: So how did you get into the world of Sushi? What inspired you?

Rene Negron: One time I went into a Sushi bar, and everyone was really enjoying it. It was a different kind of atmosphere; The Chef had a charisma about him, like a rockstar. There was a whole culture about it. It was more than just food. It was a lifestyle, an art.

US: What’s your unique take on the Sushi ‘experience’?

RN: There’s a social aspect that can’t go understated. I bring an extra level of personality, and when people come to me for Sushi, they aren’t just customers, they are friends. I grow to learn their palate, which helps me utilize the unique variety of ingredients The Cliff stocks, keeping the originality and inspiration fresh.

US: What are some uncommon ingredients you like to utilize?

RN: I really enjoy using tuna-bone marrow; it’s a gelatinous fat with a robust oceanic fish flavor. I also enjoy using wildflowers and finger limes.

US: What is one of your favorite creations?

RN: I call it the Black Honey Roll. It’s comprised of tempura fried snapper, or seasonal white fish with eel sauce, rolled, with crab, seaweed, and squid-ink caviar with honey. It’s an excellent blend of sweet and savory. Come see me and request it!

If you are a Sushi fanatic, Chef Negron’s masterful craft, combined with the swanky atmosphere of the Cliff, is an absolute requisite for your culinary repertoire.

To see more photos by Tyson Rollins visit his website.

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