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Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade has a Delectable Menu That Will Have You Coming For Breakfast and Staying For Lunch.

Salt Lake, homemade, and here to stay!


Sweet Lake biscuits. Photos by Steven Vargo.

The hunt to appease hunger pangs is something on the mood scale—we don’t know what we want, but we will know it when we find it. Sweet Lake Biscuits and Limeade is a place that has that look—the warm, inviting look where you had found “it”—a place where you just have to eat.

With the word “Limeade” in the restaurant’s name, you just have to try one, or in my case, two. I asked two different servers which was their favorite. They both replied that they love the honeydew-cucumber limeade. It was light and refreshing, like you were getting your daily veggies in a drink.

I also had the raspberry limeade, which wasn’t just raspberry flavored, it had actual fruit in there, making it an explosion of deliciousness. The other limeade choices are mint or habanero, and they have two lemonades: orange-raspberry and ginger.  

Since “Biscuit” was also in the name, I wanted to try a dish with a biscuit, especially when I found out that they are made fresh each morning and served throughout the day.

The biscuit Benedict was a picturesque mountain of Hollandaise sauce, Cubano meat, tomato, ham, homemade biscuit and poached egg with a side of red quinoa potato hash browns. It was truly incredible, with each ingredient enveloping the other.

Whoever is in the back baking those biscuits is an artist. I haven’t eaten biscuits like that since a trip to the Deep South.

The menu and restaurant are not large and the operating hours are for breakfast and lunch only, but the best things in life don’t always come in large doses. Sweet Lake is top quality. Everything they do, from the building, to the beverages, to the food and to the people, is simply the best. Everyone here, patrons and workers alike, seem to be enjoying themselves thoroughly.

While many eateries come and go, Sweet Lake is here to stay. Open just over a year now, they couldn’t have a more convenient location—on 1700 S between Main Street & West Temple.

Come quick to get a table—word is getting out fast! 

Hasen Cone, one of the owners of Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade.





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