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Moki’s Hawaiian Grill

Aloha is Alive and Well in Taylorsville


Ohana Plate – Photo by Heather L. King

When you walk in the door of Moki’s Hawaiian Grill in Taylorsville, you’ll be greeted with a warm aloha welcome from behind the counter. Next, you’ll be introduced to what owner Masa Tukuafu describes as “healthy and tasty Hawaiian cuisine.”

A semi-secret favorite of locals for years, Moki’s delivers authentic Hawaiian dishes ranging from teriyaki and kalua pork to poke and Hawaiian shaved ice, along with the true spirit of the islands. Luau music plays in the background as guests step up to order at a counter framed by products made in Hawaii.

To get the real flavor of the place, order a Moki’s plate—made with your choice of chicken, beef, pork, or fish options such as Kalbi Korean short ribs, sticky boneless chicken, or garlic shrimp. Then pick your side salad—the Hawaiian salad is loaded with chicken, cabbage, oriental noodles, and almonds; and topped with Moki’s dressing, which is particularly balanced with sweet and crunchy elements. If spinach and greens aren’t the order of the day, the macaroni with carrots and sweet relish is a filling substitute.. All plates come with a side of steamed white or brown rice and a sweet grilled triangle of pineapple.

If you like to mix and match, get the two meat combo of anything above for $9.50. But the best value at Moki’s might be the Ohana plate—a grilled chicken breast marinated in a house-made teriyaki sauce served with fried shrimp and the fish of the day.

Noodle, spinach and rice, and veggies bowls are also available in addition to specialty Hawaiian sides ranging from spam musubi to the famed laulau—juicy fish and pork wrapped in taro leaves and steamed. Complete your visit to Moki’s with a Hawaiian shaved ice in a variety of flavors to cool off after a hot summer day.

Although Moki’s is a fast-casual affair where you place your order at the counter and pay before sitting down, table service is still offered via delivery of your meal on reusable dishes. It’s an unexpected upgrade that provides an extra touch of Hawaiian hospitality to Moki’s Hawaiian Grill customers.

Moki’s is located at 4836 S Redwood Road, Salt Lake City

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