Dog Hikes

The Joy of Hiking with Dogs

There is no better hiking companion than a dog. Explore Utah’s dog friendly trails this summer.


Joey and Scamps on the trail.

There is no better hiking companion than a dog. My dogs are my personal trainers. If I don’t regularly hike with them they proceed to tag-team beat me into submission. Joey will start with a gentle nudge, he then proceeds to the giant tongue in my face. Friends have described Joey has the “Gene Simmons of Irish Setters” and he isn’t afraid to use his weapon to maximum effectiveness. His massive licks to my ear, bring new meaning to the expression a “tongue lashing.” And his submission tactic of placing his front paws on my shoulders until he can push my shoulders down effectively eliminates my ability to watch TV, read or work on a device.

Joey and Scamps need hikes or runs everyday or we will pay. Our house is trashed, and yard, socks, and books destroyed, should we choose to not hike with them enough. What kind of personal trainer will come to your house and personally beat the tar out of you, and lick you if you fail to cooperate? Dogs are cheaper than personal trainers, and they love you for an entire day if you choose to cooperate.


Pointers, setters, retrievers and sheep dogs need daily excursions and are some of the best long-distance hiking dogs. The kings of distance are sheepdogs and pointers. Medium-sized dogs such as pit bulls, terriers, and boxers can get by with every-other-day hikes and walks, but cannot hike as long or as far as the hunting breeds.

Toy dogs, such as Pomeranian, Yorkshire terriers, Shih Tzu, Maltipoo, Papillon, Peekapoo are excellent apartment dogs and make great travel companions due to their portability. However, these small breeds will need to be carried on long hikes, and they will be fearful of larger breeds.

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