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Utah’s New Sign Law has Upset Business Owners

Confused about whether you are in a restaurant or a bar? Utah’s DABC wants to clear that up for you.


Utah's New Sign Law has Upset Business Owners

If you’ve gone out for a drink or a bite recently, you may have noticed that the establishment you patronized had a new regulation sign on display. Effective May 9th, businesses holding the applicable liquor licenses are required to display a sign designating the location as a bar or as a restaurant serving alcohol. The sign requirement is a part of HB442, which was passed in March, and was approved by the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (DABC) Commission. While some restaurant and bar owners view the signs as overkill, they may help eliminate confusion for not only Utah visitors, but also residents.

For a great article about the new Utah law read Kathy Stephenson’s Salt Lake Tribune article, Mixed Up about Whether You’re in a Bar or Restaurant With Alcohol? There’s Now a Sign for That in Utah. Published April 25, 2017

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