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Salt Lake City is the 11th Most Connected City in the Country

Utah is the 11th Most connected state in the country, but there are still areas with no access.


Before there was an Internet, there was the computer — and the earliest computers were so large that just one could occupy an entire room. AVIDAC was the first digital computer at Argonne National Laboratory, and began operating in 1953.

While Salt Lake City has been named the 11th most connected city in the country, there are many areas in the state that still lack an internet connection, digital literacy, and internet compatible device. In this day and age, having a reliable internet connection is vital to achieving important tasks, such as finding and applying for jobs. During Digital Inclusion Week, many Utah organizations and businesses are coming together to get more people connected and educated.

Carrie Rogers writing for KSL.com writes about what is being done to get more people connected. See her story here.


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