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ProperPalooza! Proper Brewing Celebrates Beer and Community

Proper Brewing kicked off the summer season with ProperPalooza last weekend.


Photos by Hayley Bachman


To get us all excited about the summer season rolling in, Proper Brewing threw a party last weekend known as ProperPalooza, to celebrate beer and the community. Despite the windy weather and cooler temps, Proper saw a pretty awesome turnout for the event, says Eleanor Lewis, Marketing and Events Coordinator. They have a partnership with Beehive Sports, who provided the “Giant Beer Pong” and Cornhole games taking place outside the restaurant. This was a family event with live music, food, games, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Michael and Norma Taylor drive by Proper all the time and happened to see the event. With bands playing and giant beer pong taking place, it was hard to pass up an outdoor celebration. Those that didn’t hear about the event on Facebook came to support their favorite bands. Troy Carsey ventured down to the event to see his friend’s band, Wey, play. “Hats off to Proper for having an awesome sound system,” said Carsey. The music was perfect and complimented the party vibe Proper was creating with their specialty brews and family games.

Twice a year Proper throws events like this to bring together beer lovers and party-goers. It’s a great way to try specialty beers and hang out in the sunshine on a Saturday afternoon. Their next event is late in the fall to celebrate Oktoberfest, but in the meantime, the pub is always open!

Kristin Buta and Troy Carsey.
From Left to Right: Karis Tenneson, Dave Brown, Matt Whooley, Julia McGonigle, and April Hogue

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