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Mountain West Cider Keeps Producing Creative and Unique Ciders

Mountain West Cider continues to innovate and grow while keeping it local.


Jeff Carleton, Jennifer Carleton and Joel Goodwillie of Mountain West Cider. Photo by Devin Timothy.

Salt Lake Cider Company, Mountain West Cider, keeps pumping out creative and unique ciders that are continuously growing in popularity. Most recently they teamed up with Green Urban LunchBox, “a local non-profit that harvests urban fruit and donates the market worthy fruit to food banks across the Salt Lake region,” says Jennifer Carleton, owner at Mountain West Cider. The majority of the apples that are harvested go to waste but MWC is able to salvage them and create a cider that has more than 20 different apple varieties.

New to MWC is the Stillwater Bourbon Barrel aged cider, only offered in limited releases. Desolation will be available all year round and has the taste of prickly pear and subtle melon flavor, coming in at 7.2%. The small business’ main crew is made up of cider maker, Joel Goodwillie, the production and bottling staff and only a few associates. However, this hasn’t stopped them from pursuing their goal of expanding distribution to neighboring states and eventually sharing their cider in environmentally friendly cans. Ambition has lead the way for MWC to make some of the most unique cider in the state.

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