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Beat the Winter Blues – Read Utah Stories

If you are tired of feeling tired and have the winter blues, pick up our February issue and read our suggested cures.


Photo from Millcreek Canyon by Ed Kosmicki

February is a month where you can easily get bummed out due to winter doldrums and red air (or just watching too much news). But there is good news and a better choice. You can get rejuvenated by skiing the light-and-dry Utah pow, or the freshies up on Baldy or Great Scott. Run, sled or snow bike up Millcreek or City Creek Canyons.

Before you ask your doctor for more Wellbutrin, Paxil or opioids, consider sewing some vegetable seeds which could end up in a garden salad! See how to start seeds indoors in our article, Green Power. Eat well in February using our excellent dining guide. Just be sure to tell the restaurants you patronize that you found them in Utah Stories.


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