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Print Lives: Publishing Company Comes to Ogden

Glass Spider Publishing in Ogden offers self-publishing services for authors.


Vince Font, founder of Glass Spider Publishing in Ogden. Photos by Maria Milligan

Most authors will tell you that writing a book can be an exhausting, frustrating experience. For many of these writers, however, navigating the publishing world to get that book in the hands of readers proves far worse. Fortunately, a new publisher in Ogden, Utah is working to change that.

Vince Font started Glass Spider Publishing because he knew firsthand how much trouble writers can have finding a publisher to take a chance on their work. After trying unsuccessfully to get his book accepted, despite positive feedback from editors and publishers, Vince decided to go the self-publishing route. He and his wife Jane researched publication methods, hired an editor, and designed and published the book. He said of this process, “We learned a lot of lessons. We made a lot of mistakes. And we had to do it over and over again until we got good at it.”

After Vince and Jane figured out the self-publishing world, they realized they could put their experience to good use by helping other authors do the same. Vince explains, “I had the idea of starting an online-based service. There are a lot of companies that do what we do, but they’re on the East Coast and they charge a lot of money. And you don’t really get to know the editor, the person who’s looking at your work. So I thought we could set something up and hopefully get a lot of local writers involved.”

If the impressive response from local authors is any indication, writers are hungry for the self-publishing/publisher hybrid that Glass Spider offers. Now writers can have professional help polishing, designing, and publishing their work without having to wait for the attention and approval of big publishing companies.

“We do everything someone can do on their own through the self-publishing market, but we are really good at it,” Vince explains. Glass Spider offers the services of professional editors, designers, and marketers while ensuring the author retains all the rights to their book. Glass Spider also has partnerships with independent bookstores like Booked on 25th, which give authors a place to sell copies of their work.

What really sets Glass Spider Publishing apart from other publishing avenues is the personal relationship they have with authors. Vince often meets writers at Jane’s Pandemonium Art Gallery to discuss their books. Since many of these authors have never worked with a professional editor before, Glass Spider makes it a learning experience for them. Vince explains, “Our editing is not kid-glove editing, but it’s courteous editing. I don’t want someone to say, ‘This is terrible.’ I want them to say, ‘This could be better.’”

Vince has been amazed at how much local talent they’ve found since starting the business in January. The majority of their business has come from authors in Weber County and surrounding areas. In fact, Glass Spider recently published a book about Utah written and illustrated by middle schoolers at Venture Academy called Utah: By Kids, For Kids.img_20160916_164047154

When asked how they decide which books to publish, Vince said “The only books we have turned away have been books that authors haven’t yet finished writing. Because with a good, professional edit, any book can be vastly improved and made publication-worthy.” He encourages authors to go to Glass Spider’s website, GetMyStoryPublished.com, and explore their options. He explained, “The motto of Get My Story Published is ‘Everyone has a story to tell.’ I really believe that. Everyone has at least one good book in them. I’m genuinely surprised by the amount of people who want to write. I think everybody should do it at least once.”

Vince wrapped things up with a quote from Indian author Kiran Desai: “The publishing world is very timid. Readers are much braver.” He said of Glass Spider Publishing and Get My Story Published, “Most publishers aren’t brave enough to take a chance on unproven authors, but we are.”

Learn more and set up a consultation at GetMyStoryPublished.com.img_20160916_164537967

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