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“Four Country Gals” Market Traditional Mexican Caramel Sauce

Based in Beryl, Utah Four Country Gals turn out traditional Mexican caramel sauce.


Left to right, Shari, Cindy, Mom and Bev

Four Country Gals is a largely do-it-yourself USDA Organic Certified operation based in Beryl, Utah. They are perhaps best known for their “Traditional Mexican Caramel Sauce,” also known as Cajeta. Four Country Gals was started in 2005 when Cindy Dages, Pat “Mom” Hosko, Bev Adair and Shari Thomas relocated to Beryl.       

They began raising livestock and growing produce, which they sold at the weekly farmer’s market in Cedar City. They considered making cheese as well, but ultimately decided against it due to an excess of competition in that market. Then, Shari remembered being exposed to traditional Mexican caramel sauce at a work party in the 1980’s. “My mouth watered every time I thought about it,” she says fondly.

 The recipe originally came from Celaya, Mexico, and is called Cajeta. Its creation dates back to the Mexican War of Independence in 1810, and consists of the same ingredients as Dulce de leche, but with an important difference; the addition of goat’s milk. It takes about 8 hours to make. To simplify the explanation of how the sauce came to be, and for more effective marketing, Four Country Gals termed it “Traditional Mexican Caramel Sauce.”  

In 2011, Four Country Gals made their first batch of sauce and gave it all way. It immediately proved to be a hot item, and in 2012, Four Country Gals began selling it. By 2015, the Traditional Mexican Caramel Sauce was being sold in high volumes at festivals. Four Country Gals have also started making and selling their own brand of soap. 

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