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Green bias cut gown. Photo courtesy of Zaiya Collection by Al Thelin.

Wife and husband Olga and Jeremy Assayah are the architects behind Zaiya Collection, a fashion brand established in 2013 that produces high quality clothing made locally in The United States. Jeremy focuses on the business side of things, the website and marketing, while Olga creates stunning designs for yearly collections and custom orders. Olga says, “I have a very creative mind and had a lot of ideas for projects, so it was easy for me to start creating.”

Zaiya Collection boasts styles for women who appreciate quality clothing that shines with sophistication and glamour. “My goal with every design is to make sure the woman who wears it feels beautiful. If I’m making a custom piece, it will always be tailored to fit the client’s needs and showcase their best features,” says Olga. “When I design, I envision this empowered career woman. I create casual pieces, work appropriate dresses, and formal gowns that cater to different aspects of her life.”

Photo courtesy of Zaiya Collection

Zaiya Collection celebrates their annual milestone with a private event. The event brings together Utah’s fashion industry under one roof to announce the advancement of Zaiya Collection during a fashion show that also showcases the company’s new collection. “The event is 100% Utah local entertainers, models, photographers and makeup artists. All are Utah professionals and are hired to join us on this amazing journey,” says Olga. “Utah’s fashion scene is budding and we love the tight knit community. We want to continue to shape the future of fashion in Utah by participating in fashion shows as well as reaching new boutiques to carry our brand.” 

For more about Zaiya Collection visit www.zaiyacouture.com/

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