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“Eat to live, do no live to eat,” Benjamin Franklin wisely advised. This simple statement indicates that we should eat to sustain ourselves, not orient our lives around what we eat. Franklin lived in a time when local and organic food was the only option available, and he probably never imagined that factory farms and processed foods would become the majority of the food that Americans would one day consume.

If everyone were to support the localvore, farm-to-table movement, we could significantly remove the economic advantages that so many factory food processors have over our economy. So much more than just our “food issue,” September’s Utah Stories should be used as a guide to show you how to improve your health while strengthening our local economy and family farms.

September 10th to September 17th is the Eat Local Week challenge. Learns more about it by visiting eatlocalweek.org

Utah Stories presents our annual food issue with features on the best of dining in the state. We reached out to some of Utah’s accomplished food writers to help bring our readers the benefit of their knowledge and experience. We’d like to introduce them to you.

Chelsea Nelson

chelsea-nelsonChelsea is the voice behind Heartbeat Nosh, a website dedicated to craft cocktails and food in Salt Lake City. She is a Salt Lake City native and is continually inspired by the food and cocktail culture that is steadily growing here. She is a freelance writer and a frequent contributor to Utah Stories.





Caroline Hargraves

caroline-hargravesCaroline shared some of her outstanding photography with us from her website Salt Tooth. Caroline is, “passionate about making, baking, photographing, writing about and enjoying food and the people who work so hard to make good food happen.” We hope to hear more from Caroline in the future.





Katelyn Moss

katemoss-38Kate is a writer and photographer for the website, Female Foodie, founded by Brooke Eliason. She loves writing about Salt Lake, but would love to travel and “eat good food all over the world.” Kate enjoys the community aspect of working with the other writers at Female Foodie.





Dianna Davis

dianna-davis-1Dianna, along with her sister, Julie Knaphus, runs the website, I Heart Salt Lake. The site is dedicated to, “sharing and promoting the things they love about Salt Lake.” Dianna was born and raised in Salt Lake where she lives with her husband, son and twin daughters. She also writes a lifestyle blog: whateverdeedeewants.com. This is her first time writing for Utah Stories.





Heather L. King

heatherkingheadshotHeather is a food writer and critic for The Salt Lake Tribune. She is a co-founder and writer of The Utah Review. She calls herself the anonymous critic. She also writes for a variety of other print and online publications. She is the founder of Utah’s Ladies Who Lunch groups and a member of the Association of Food Journalists. Heather is a contributor to Utah Stories and offers new ideas on Where to Eat Now.







Stuart Melling

Stuart is founder and chief writer of Gastronomic SLC, Utah’s longest running restaurant blog; as well as a former freelance restaurant critic for The Salt Lake Tribune. With nearly a decade of covering Utah’s food and beverage scene, Stuart brings a sharp writing style and extensive knowledge and experience to his work.





Ogden Reborn

ogden-rebornOgden Reborn is dedicated to chronicling Ogden’s restoration to its original glory. Their focus is to highlight the process and the amazing changes the city is making. You can find their posts on Facebook under Ogden Reborn.


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