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Midsummer Night’s Dream Dates

Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out these great date ideas from our readers.


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Illustration by Chris Bodily

After a long, cold winter, it’s great to get out into the warm open air when you’re getting to know someone. Skip the typical movie theater and consider one of Utah’s great offerings for having fun in the great outdoors.

Our readers sound off on some of their favorite summer dating activities:

Motorcycle Ride

“Whether it’s a spontaneous first date, or placing your life in the hands of a trusted friend, I LOVE motorcycle rides. I purchased my Harley with the intention of enjoying as many miles with a passenger on it as I possibly could.

1) Less than three percent of licensed drivers in the US have a motorcycle, so you’re immediately doing something that’s uncommon.

2) Freedom, adrenaline, long hugs, and wind-combed hair.

3) Having fun while simultaneously being surrounded by the prospect of death in all directions gives an even richer appreciation for life.

Utah is full of anything you could want, such as long stretches of straight, flat land (like I-80 W to Wendover), or several canyons with high speed turns, low speed turns, hills, valleys, and multi-lane or single-lane riding.”

—Tyrone Post

Concert in the Park

“It’s fun to go to concerts at Deer Valley. Bring a blanket, cheese and crackers or dinner in a basket, and a beverage of your choice. It’s fun talking on the way up and down from the venue.”

—Jeffrey Mortensen

Stadium of Fire

“My son, on a first date, took the girl who would end up becoming his wife to the BYU Stadium of Fire…. with the rest of his family, which he failed to mention to her until she got there!”

—Karen Allsop

Canyon Day Hike

“I like going up the canyon. Pack a picnic and take a game to play, and a Frisbee or ball. I like being outdoors and getting away from the hustle and bustle. Getting things together for an outing shows some effort, and this gives you a good opportunity to talk in a relaxed setting.”

—Brandon Drake

Antelope Island

“I like having a picnic on Antelope Island. If you go during the sunset, it’s awesome. Try spotting wildlife together. You can see all sorts of animals out there: antelope, bison, and all kinds of birds.”

Jeremy Marshall

Scenic Drive to Brigham City

“Borrow a nice car, like a Mercedes, and drive up the canyon. Just talking and cruising is so much fun. There is a restaurant in Brigham City called Maddox Ranch House. It has a farm behind with cows. Bring iPods to share music, and share stories while driving. You can learn a lot about a person through music.”

—Grayson Van Leeuwen

Take a Starlit Walk

“I like to take a walk under the stars on a warm night. It’s a great time to just talk and get to know each other without the clutter of a lot of other things going on.”

—Matthew Cronkite

Mormon Tour

“I like to do a “Mormon tour” date on a tandem bike. You start at This is the Place Monument, then go to the Conference Center, and finish up at Temple Square with dinner at The Garden.”

—Justin Hughes

Hiking, Fishing, and S’mores

“Dating doesn’t need to be extravagant.  My favorite date is a day in the canyon hiking and fishing, followed by a night staring into the fire with music, conversation, and most definitely, S’mores!” —Shauna Hatch

Star Gazing

“People think that a date needs to consist of spending money. It doesn’t. My favorite date was a drive up into the mountains ten minutes from his house. We found the most perfect stargazing spot, built a fire, and talked and watched the stars for hours in a truck bed full of blankets and pillows. It’s not about how much you spend. It’s about the thought, conversation, and enjoying the moment.”

—Rachelle Owens


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