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Bill White Farms

Park City restauranter establishes sustainable farm.


Photos courtesy of Bill White Farms

There is a treasure on the way to Park City, not far from Kimball Junction. Bill White Farms, situated on the old Hixon Farm site, is an experience in both sustainable agricultural and culinary excellence.

Bill White is well known in these parts for his numerous restaurants in Park City. From Billy Blanco’s to Grappa, Bill has dabbled in all types of cuisine, so it seems only natural that a successful restaurateur would tackle farming.

“I have seen this place, overgrown by bushes and plants for the last 20 years, and thought it was a cool piece of property,” White said. “I first thought it had a lot of potential and I would take it on as a labor of love.”

IMG_1157White’s plans for the farm are ambitious. He is the process of using agricultural techniques to create completely sustainable food production that does not use any resources. Right now, the farm donates the equivalent of two pickup trucks of food to a Christian center on a weekly basis.

The atmosphere of the farm along with the barn dining area is a quaint setting for diners. Many charities have hosted events there and the space can be reserved for special events.

“We don’t want people to think this is just another restaurant. That is absolutely not what we are doing here,” White stated. We make decisions on a daily basis about what looks good and what will be the most beneficial, not just to us, but to the community at large.”IMG_1143

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