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Picking the fruits of someone else’s labor


Farnsworth Farms Cider Mill
Farnsworth Farms Cider Mill

Picking out fruits and vegetables at the grocery store is not nearly as fun or fresh as picking them right off the tree or out of the ground. Fortunately for Salt Lake County residents, you don’t have to live in the country or on a farm to be able to pick your own pesticide-free produce, nor do you have to toil for a whole season to be able to enjoy that delicious apple or apple cider. Three Salt Lake County urban farms do the hard work and let you enjoy the fruits of their labor, literally.

Murray Greenhouse Foundation

The first stop is Murray Greenhouse Foundation in Murray. From tomatoes and herbs to mangos and strawberries, the Murray Greenhouse Foundation has a wide variety of produce and flowers available straight from their greenhouse.

What sets this farm apart is their program for disabled young adults. Participants learn reading, writing, science and many other courses while developing skills and friendships working in the greenhouse.

The farm is non-profit and proceeds from the sale of their fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers benefit their program for disabled young adults.

Murray Greenhouse Foundation is located at 6366 South 900 East in Murray, and can be reached at 801-266-0669.

Farnsworth Farms Cider Mill

The second stop is Farnsworth Farms Cider Mill in Sandy, where you can pick your own fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, eggplant, cantaloup, honeydew melon, watermelon, jalapeño peppers and Anaheim peppers. “But our signature item is our fresh-pressed apple cider that we make September through about February,” said owner Shelly Farnsworth Letham.

The historic Farnsworth Farms Cider Mill dates back to 1958, when John O. Farnsworth traded his dairy farm for 50 acres in Sandy. After raising his family in the apple cider business there, he passed away in 2002, leaving the farm to his children, who run it today.

His children painstakingly hand sort each apple that goes into their cider, insuring that it isn’t tainted by bad apples.

Farnsworth Farms Cider Mill is located at 11228 South 700 East in Sandy, and can be reached at 801-571-0858.

Green Acres

Last Stop on the list is Green Acres in Draper. Green Acres is known for their huge variety of apples on 27 trees. “We have such a great variety,” Green Acres owner Renee Longacre said. “From pie apples to red and golden apples.”

Unfortunately, due to the high cost of liability insurance, the farm is no longer able to let people pick their own apples, but the owners are happy to pick a basket for you to pick up for only $2 for one 8-quart bucket of apples. Call first to ensure the crop has been good and that the apples will be ready for pick-up.

Green Acres is located at 12702 South 900 East in Draper, and can be reached at 801-949-5230.

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