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Bateman Mosida Dairy Video

See how a family farm thrives after three generations.


How does a family farm continue to operate in its third generation? Watch how the Batemans manage their 7,000 head dairy, from field, to farms, to milking, to manure recycling operations.

My Irish setter, Joey, spent the day on a dairy farm where we  received a grand tour from David Luquin, Luke Bateman, Brad Bateman and Collin Bateman. We began examining the massive fields where they grow the feed for their cows: wheat, barley and trinicalia.

We then learned about the calving operations. Around 10 calves are born every day on the farm. Every cow will have one calf every year.

Finally, Collin Bateman spent about 40 minutes addressing the seven problems I see with modern agriculture.

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