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Harmons Bakeries Stand Out

Harmons Grocery is home for local growers and food lovers.


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Photo by Mike Jones

When you’re a foodie, grocery shopping is your favorite sport. Finding the best deals, discovering the most interesting local products, and pursuing delicious flavors is your passion. I look forward to my weekly trip to Harmons Grocery. I could spend the day there, lingering over the fancy cheese, checking out the many different ice cream flavors, sampling goodies and spotting my favorite local products, like Chili Beak hot sauce and Beehive Cheese.

Harmons Grocery is the next best thing to a farmers’ market – a convenient onestop shopping trip for all items local and delicious. You can find everything from local salami and cheese to fresh produce all under one roof. Harmons Grocery also makes delicious food; their deli and salad bar are excellent options for a quick, healthy meal. And whether you’re looking for a special dessert or want to upgrade your sandwiches with freshly baked ciabatta bread, Harmons bakery is the place to go.

Desserts and breads are made from scratch, using only the best ingredients. The pastry case is loaded with  sweet delights such as elegant cream puffs, colorful macaroons and pastries that vie for your attention alongside fruit-topped decadent cheesecakes. On the other end of the flavor spectrum is a wide selection of artisanal breads including  crunchy baguettes, flavorful sourdough and impressive challah bread, and the folks behind the counter are happy to give you a sample taste of their baking skills.

Kelli Lessing, Harmons Bakery Sales Director, says that what makes their bread so special is baking from scratch. “A lot of time is spent sourcing ingredients, she explains, “and we’re very picky.” Sourcing local ingredients, such as organic flour from Lehi Roller Mills and Redmond Salt, drives down the cost and gives their baked goods a great flavor.  Lessing says, “As an example, we use real butter instead of shortening. The shelf life isn’t going to be as long, but the quality is so much better when you use fresh ingredients.” 

Excellent ingredients mean nothing unless you put them in the hands of skilled, caring bakers. Baking isn’t easy. It’s both a physical and mental job. “Our bakers regularly lift 50 lbs. And it isn’t easy working with the dough either – kneading, bending and shaping,” states Lessing. “Everything needs to be exact when making bread. Baking is a science.” She pointed out that they need to trust their bakers. “We find the right people – those who are passionate about food and enjoy hands on work.” says Lessing. “We have an internal apprentice program. Our bakers train with an expert in our Artisanal Bread Program, trained at the San Francisco Baking Institute.”

Breaking apart a crunchy baguette with a thick, golden crust imparts the skill and passion of Harmons bakers. And the fact that their baguettes sell for only $2 gives customers another reason to come back. Harmons Grocery has a cult-like following among Utah’s foodies for a good reason – quality products and reasonable prices. With 14 locations throughout the valley, most everyone has access to good food and impressive breads and pastries.


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