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Crow Ella’s Vintage Shop

Kathy and Dan Robison spend their days buying and selling “treasures.”


Crow Ellas
Dan and Kathy Robison. Photo by Mike Jones

Vintage candles, ornate lamps, high-end furniture, or a Three Stooges cookie jar? For those seeking novel home decor, Crow Ella’s Vintage Shop carries a collection of unique and antique items.

A former engineer for a large corporation, Kathy Robison and her husband, Dan, decided in 2014 that the time had finally arrived for them to pursue their lifelong dream. The couple now spends their days finding and selling treasures that satisfy customers’ feelings of nostalgia. “We have the things that were cool when your parents were cool,” is one of their mottos.

“She’s the creative one, and I’m just the cashier,” Dan jokes. But while perusing the thousands of one-of-a-kind items lined along the shelves of this converted 1950s cottage home, one can easily see that the two of them have blended their passion, creativity and hard work in an effort to reunite others with long-lost cherished pieces. Connecting customers with items that link them to special memories is Kathy’s favorite part of their business. “Often I’ll hear someone exclaim,” she says, “that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!” With overwhelming excitement in her voice, she adds, “I just love that!”

Crow Ella’s is located at 944 East 3300 South and open Tues-Sat, 11am-7pm, and Sun, 11am-4 pm.


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