Beehive Naturals

“Our kids actually do a lot of the work on the farm—milking goats and tending bees.”


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Top Left to Right Jeffrey Wyatt (16), Stephanie, Sam Bottom Left to Right John(11), Hunter(13), Jeremy (10)

“Our kids actually do a lot of the work on the farm—milking goats and tending bees. When we aren’t farming we put them to work making the products.”

The Ginn kids don’t play video games or watch TV (except an occasional football game) instead, Sam Ginn says, “They help me with the massive amount of work” on their small backyard homestead in Plain City (just north of Ogden), producing all-natural raw ingredients for their products.

Stephanie and Sam Ginn started producing “Beehive Naturals” soaps and lotions to help Stephanie with her skin condition. It worked so well they started offering their products to family members and friends. This evolved into a business. Now they have branched out into lip balms, beard oils, raw honey and soon hair care products. They use their goat milk and honey as key ingredients producing all-natural, organic, GMO free, gluten-free body products. Beehive Naturals sells their products online, from their farm, from the Ogden Nature Center and at the farmers markets in the summer. Find them online at






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