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Harmons – Serving the Community

Harmons doesn’t just sell grocery they reach out to fight hunger in the community.


Photo courtesy of Harmons Grocery Store

On The wall above the Harmons City Creek Celeste Cafe are painted the words, “We are in the People Business. We Just Happen to Sell Groceries.”

For decades, the Utah family grocers have served their community. Now a third-generation family operation, an additional  goal of Harmons is to help feed Utahns in need. Director of Marketing, Tara Haynie, explains four different ways that Harmons helps feed the community.

1) Food Rescue Program. “On a daily basis, products that have a relatively short shelf-life, such as bread, are collected and donated to the Utah Food Bank,” Haynie shares.

2) Souper Bowl of Caring. “The Super Bowl is one of our biggest annual food sale events,” says Haynie, “and Harmons supports KUTV’s Souper Bowl of Caring which helps feed hungry kids.” During January, Harmons sells $5 bowls of soup, the proceeds of which go to the KUTV money raising event. Last year Harmons contributed over $53,000.

3) Food for Families. Throughout August, customers can purchase a $10 bag of food at any checkout stand, food which Harmons donates to the Utah Food Bank. “We work closely with the Food Bank. They tell us what their needs are, and we provide the food for them to distribute.”

4) Give a Gobble. “Shoppers can purchase a $10 voucher that will help provide a Thanksgiving meal to a family. In addition, Harmons matches voucher purchases up to $10.000.” Give a Gobble is a partnership among Harmons, Crossroads Urban Center and the Utah Food Bank.  

“Bob Harmon and the Harmon family have always been committed to the community,” Haynie says, “but we really couldn’t do all this without the support of our customers.”

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