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Winding Wheel Supply Co.

Quality and US sourced products make Winding Wheel Supply Co. a standout.


Kenny Bozich of Winding Wheel Supply Co. Photo by Dung Hoang

Everything is a big deal to Kenny Bozich, founder and proprietor of the one-man leather goods shop and online store Winding Wheel Supply Co.

“Everything you produce is a reflection of your business and what you believe,” explains the leathersmith.

What Kenny believes in is patience. Customers who order online can expect a one to two-week turnaround, but every product is backed by Winding Wheel Supply’s lifetime warranty. “I don’t want to be rushed. I want to make a quality product that looks nice and lasts a lifetime,” says the self-taught craftsman.

After spending $1,500 buying products from several popular leather brands in order to study their packaging presentations, Kenny decided that he should dedicate himself not only to ensuring a great product, but also to creating a follow-through customer experience.

“I want my customers to feel like they are part of something special when they order from me,” he asserts. Products are wrapped in screen-printed burlap, the design of which changes every 100 orders. “It’s just a way for me to include something that makes the experience more special.”

Kenny has all but perfected techniques for creating signature pieces, such as The Voyager Wallet and The Deck Wallet. And while he’s happy to listen to custom order requests, he will not compromise Winding Wheel Supply Co.’s focus on American-made products, US-sourced leather and timeless style.

Kenny strives to ensure that the products he makes are functional for everyday life. “I’m not interested in creating something that people ‘need’ just to sell things,” he explains.

Kenny remains true to the Winding Wheel Supply Co. motto: Lead a quiet life. Work with your hands. “It’s from Thessalonians 1: 4-11,” Kenny says. “It’s just a good motto to live by.”




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