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Craft Lake City Calling for Volunteers

Held August 7th and 8th, Craft Lake City is looking for volunteers.


Community Press Release:2015_CLC_DIY_header_980x290

 Craft Lake City Needs Your Help!

The 7th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival is being held August 7th & 8th at the Gallivan Center. This festival’s
success lies heavily on the support of local volunteers. It takes approximately 200 volunteers to fill the 480 shifts that
make the Craft Lake City DIY Festival what it is. Volunteers help with a variety of tasks with merchandise, setup,
S.T.E.M projects or at our kid’s area, entrances, and VIP Lounge.

Your support of the Craft Lake City DIY Festival is tremendously appreciated. Volunteers make an incredible
contribution to the festival and I look forward to working with them. For more information please feel free to contact
me at Jen@CraftLakeCity.com or my assistant, Rebecca at MissRebeccaDavenport@gmail.com
Thank you so much for taking the time to help make Craft Lake City’s DIY 2015 Festival a success!
Jen and Rebecca
Craft Lake City Volunteering Staff

 Visit http://craftlakecity.volunteerlocal.com/volunteer/?id=8483 for more information.

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