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Harmon’s Local Supplier Dinner

This spring Harmon’s awarded grants and honored local suppliers.


Community Press Release

Harmons Local Supplier Development Grant

Harmons Grocery Store is known for its support of local businesses. This year for the first time,

Harmons invited its best local vendors to participate in a grant application process and recognized the

achievements of these small businesses at a local suppliers dinner.

Harmons invited local businesses to apply for the grants. The businesses were asked what being local

means to them, how they contribute to the local community and what the money would be used for.

This year Harmons had 12 local businesses apply for the grants, with four winners selected.

Harmons selected winners based on their applications, answers to the overall questions and the

demonstrated need for the grants for their businesses.IMG_2266


The following winners each received $4,000 to support their businesses:

Oolite Cheese Company – Celebrating its first year in business, Oolite Cheese

Company recently won the prestigious second place ribbon rom the American

Cheese Society.

The Soap Lady – The Soap Lady has been a fixture at the Downtown Farmer’s

Market for 19 years and supports local business by using a local wood craftsman

to create their signature Utah White Pine Soap Saver.

Manning Orchards – Manning Orchards is one of the last orchards still producing fruit in Fruit Heights, Utah and has been supplying fruit to Harmons for 20 years.

Millcreek Cacao Roasters – The key focus of Millcreek Cacao Roasters is

educating the community about the craft of chocolate making. They also practice

three pillars of sustainability: Hiring local, e2 Business with 100 percent of energyIMG_2384

off-set by supporting alternative power and giving back to the community.






The goal of Harmons Local Supplier Grants are recognize the hard work of these great

local businesses and highlight their contributions to the economy. These companies go

above and beyond in providing our customers with quality, local products. This grant

program is Harmons way of saying thank you and giving back to the businesses that help

us do what we do best.


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