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Jack Mormon Coffee

In the Salt Lake Avenues, Jack Mormon Coffee fills the air with delicious aromoas


Cruser Jack Mormon removes hulls from fresh roasted Coffee-2
Cruser Rowland of Jack Mormon, removes hulls from fresh roasted coffee.

Jack Mormon Coffee fresh roasts their coffee every morning. Entering the Avenues from E Street, it’s almost impossible to miss the enchanting aromas from their distinct blends.

Jack Mormon is a term used to describe non-practicing members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Typically Mormons abstain from coffee, however, apostate or “jack” Mormons partake in drinking coffee, thus disobeying the “Word of Wisdom.”

Jordan Turner Roasting coffee at Jack Mormon Coffee-2
Jordan Turner roasts coffee at Jack Mormon

The Word of Wisdom became a church commandment in 1851 when Brigham Young decided that Joseph Smith’s revelation in 1833 should be strictly observed due to Mormons spending too much of their scarce hard currency on alcohol, tobacco and coffee, all substances banned by the Word of Wisdom. Joseph Smith’s revelation actually stated “hot beverages,” so some members of the faith abstain from both coffee and tea.


82 E Street, Salt Lake City

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