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caffe d’bolla

caffe d’bolla features quality ingredients and great customer service.


John Piquet prepares a Japanese-style siphon coffee

“The only way you can be as good as you want is to have full control over every aspect of the process,” says caffe d’bolla owner John Piquet. Drawing on 11 years of experience, John and his wife, Yiching, do just that. From sourcing exceptional quality beans to serving individually brewed beverages, the couple have become experts on the farm-to-cup process.

Sourcing the best coffee beans is the foundation for successful roasting. Noting the care that permeates small farm operations, John contends that micro-farmers, “are producing a ‘thing,’ not just a crop.” The couple carefully selects regional and seasonal beans, so their small-batch roasts are constantly changing. “We change espressos about every week,” John says.

Another highlight of caffe d’bolla is their roaster. It’s a zero emissions drum roaster with a “very advanced profiling system built around it.” And, in addition to perfecting the coffee science, the Piquets have achieved a high level of customer service.DSC_0191

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