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Static Waves: turning a love of music into a successful music career


Static Waves in Concert Photo by Nathan Thomson, Courtesy of Static Waves

It’s a faux pas to throw your own birthday party, but that didn’t stop Static Waves. Together for one year, the band celebrated in style with a sold-out show at the popular Velour Live Music Gallery in Provo. Many greats have taken the same stage, including Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons, yet Static Waves held their own. “For us, it was exciting. We’ve done a lot in our first year,” says drummer Cory Beighley.

Static Waves was brought together by the heart of the band, lead singer Jesse Hart Williams. At a young age, he knew he’d be a musician. “Buddy Holly was my idol.”

Feeling the pressure of life’s conventions, Jesse studied computer science in college and got a great job. Yet, all he could think about was spending his next paycheck on a guitar or gear. “I was putting all this effort into work, but dreaming of something else all the time.” After suffering a leg injury that left him bedridden for six months, he realized it was time to focus on what he loved.

Serious about a music career, Jesse wanted to bring together a group of great musicians with the same mindset. He stole bass player, Cade Tueller and drummer Cory from another band. He remembered guitarist Austin Cross from high school. “He played a Pink Floyd song in an assembly and it was memorable,” said Jesse.Synth player Justin Woods also attended Orem High with Jesse, Cade and Austin.

Austin knew in 8th grade he wanted to be a musician when he noticed he was getting a lot of attention for playing. “I wouldn’t play guitar if it didn’t make me popular!” he claims.

“We’re lucky,” says Jesse. “It’s a good group of guys.” Friends on and off stage, they work hard and play hard together, creating real chemistry. “This doesn’t feel like a job. You wake up every morning and you’re excited to work hard and spend hours and hours doing it each day,” Cory says.

Jesse is the brainchild behind the band’s name. “Static Waves is music. I thought it fit the sound. We’re very electronic, and I like the oxymoron idea,” Jesse explains.

Praised for its sleekness, Justin, also a graphic design student at UVU, created the band’s logo. They put in over a hundred hours to get the right look and feel to match their style.

“Justin is talented. He’s been a huge asset,” says Jesse. Cory adds, “We don’t like to settle.”

They write songs much the same way, and are currently spending time writing a lot of demos, which will be narrowed down to the best ten or so for their upcoming album. Jesse has a natural talent for writing hooks, and brings the main songwriting ideas and structure to the group. He has a vision they’re all trying to capture, and together their different styles blend and turn them into what they are.

Static Waves’ self-titled EP, released in September, proves they’re on to something special. Wanting to begin with a great product, they collaborated with Eric Robertson of Pleasant Pictures. He produced the six-song EP, and had a lot to do with the sound. “Eric gets a lot of credit for pulling out the kind of sound we were looking for,” says Jesse.

Back in the studio with Eric once again, they’re currently working on a single to promote their upcoming Kickstarter launching in April. Money raised will fund a full album and help them take off on a local tour.

Goals are nothing new to Static Waves. Cory explains, “We know what we want as a band. We love music and we love performing. This is what we want for a life, a career choice.” They began with the intent to sell out Velour and have done it three times so far. Within a year, they’d like to have radio airplay. “The sky’s the limit,” says Jesse.

Backstage at the Anniversary Concert, the green room thrums with energy as the band dons paint that will glow during the show under strategically timed black lights. “I’m much happier now making no money and working my butt off versus making good money and not loving what I do,” professes Jesse.

Armed with glow sticks, the band takes the stage greeting a packed house of excited fans. They’re certainly making waves. §

See Static Waves play at The Stereo Room 521 N. 1200 W. Orem, Utah  on Friday, May 8th at 8:00 pm.



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