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Uinta Brewery: A Utah Staple

It started in a garage and has since expanded to 30 other states. Read all about Uinta Brewery’s history and specialty beers.


uinta brewery

uinta brewery
Kevin Ely, production manager and head brewer

Uinta Brewery has come a long way from brewing beer in a garage to becoming Utah’s largest craft brewery. “There’s a lot of pressure to produce the best beer possible” says Lindsay Berk, Uinta’s Chief Branding Officer. Named after the Uinta mountains, Uinta Brewery is synonymous with the state of Utah and embodies the state’s sense of community and love of outdoors. “Earth, Wind and Beer,” is the brewery’s motto. The first company in Utah to be 100 percent wind-powered, the environmental stewardship is very important to Uinta Brewery.

Txoa-uJoQScQgCpeMOXq762_O9Fuh4qv6apjRN3gWOGchere are three distinct lines of beer to enjoy in the Uinta family: the Classics, the Organic beers and the Crooked line, which comes in larger bottles decorated with distinct funky labels. The Crooked line is meant to be shared with friends and is ideal to pair with meals.

Cutthroat Pale Ale is Uinta’s flagship beer, appearing on shelves 22 years ago and still winning awards today. Their latest addition to the classic line is 801, a refreshing, light-bodied Pilsner named after their hometown’s area code. Considered their “community builder” beer, proceeds of 801 go to local charities. “801 is a big part of the tribute to our foundation” says Berk. This beer is everything Uinta stands for: good beer, community and Utah. Another popular brew is the organic Black Lager, Baba Black; it’s smooth, dark and very drinkable.

When Uinta’s brewers aren’t brewing, they’re drinking the state’s other craft beers. “Utah is home to many great breweries,” says Berk. “There’s a strong craft beer culture in the state of Utah. We’re in good company and even better, we have an amazing loyal fan base here who have become a such a big part of our brand. Uinta is made up of outdoor enthusiasts who have a deep rooted passion for great beer and we are incredibly lucky to do so in a beautiful place with endless outdoor recreation.”

Producing just shy of 78,000 barrels of beer in 2014 and being served in 30 other states, Uinta is the largest craft brewer in Utah. They’ve won countless awards with their brews, but it’s making customers happy and being part of their lives that matters most to this local brewery.

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