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Moab Brewery

Moab Brewery – quality brews in red rock county.


Head Brewer Jeff Van Horn

Numbers 26:3 So on the plains of Moab by the Jordan across from Jericho, Moses and Eleazar the priest spoke with them and said, “You DABC get thee Moab beers into thy stores!” Well that’s not exactly how it goes, but it’s pretty close.

Without a doubt Moab Brewery’s Desert Black Imperial IPA is one of the very best high-point Utah beers. But it’s shameful that it’s so difficult to find outside of their restaurant. It’s tucked away in the corner, or not available in most Utah State liquor stores. This is a disgrace. At the liquor store there is plenty of space for Sam Adams, Rouge, Sierra Nevada but no space for Moab Brewery? This makes no sense and the DABC needs to revise their merchandising.

Moab, Utah’s Jeff Van Horn epitomizes the Moabite mentality. He’s laid back, yet hard working. His long goatee says “party, and outdoors” and he seems ready for a bike ride at the drop of a hat. But when he talks about beer his demeanor is serious and and it’s clear he is a beer nerd at heart. Jeff obviously takes his craft seriously.

The vibe in Moab Brewery is relaxed and chill, bikes are dangling from the ceiling along with a hang glider. Brewery ephemera is all over the walls. This is why we don’t mind the three-hour drive to Moab from Salt Lake City to drink beer and get a burger while we watch Jeff and the gang brew their award winning beer.

Luckily the Johnny’s line of 22 ounce tallboy canned beers receives all the appreciation from consumers and retailers and is now available in most supermarkets. Johnny’s is adding even more lines of beers into cans. “The market tells us what we should be doing,” says Van Horne. He adds, “And the market made it clear that two IPAs will work for us in cans.” The Johnny’s line of beer now offer’s original IPA and Red Rye IPA.

The Red Rye is a little less hoppy than Johnny’s original IPA. It’s smooth and more citrusy than the original.

6The next time you stop by the liquor store, do Moab Brewery a solid and recommend they need more of Moab’s high-point beers on the shelf. Lets ensure that our local Utah liquor stores are stocked with local Utah beers!

686 S. Main Street – Moab, Utah


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