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Epic Brewery continues its regional expansion.


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Epic Brewing Company’s past year of success can be described in one word: epic. After five years of operating in both Salt Lake City and Denver, the microbrewery has seen a 54 percent sales increase. A total of almost 17,000 barrels of beer were sold last year. It would be safe to declare that this enterprise is a regional force to be reckoned with.

Specializing in brewing exclusively high-point beer, Epic Brewing first made a name for itself when it opened in SLC in 2010. Due to the higher alcohol content, Epic beers can be found only in State Liquor Stores and at their State Street beer store.

Epic Brewery's one of many award-winning beers.
Epic Brewery’s one of many award-winning beers.

Epic now distributes to 19 markets, recently opening in Wisconsin, Montana, Texas and Indiana. In 2015, the brewery plans to continue developing new markets.

The brewery’s unique beers include Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout, aged for 9-12 months in used whiskey and bourbon barrels. The brew is blended with cocoa nibs, and features ingredients from local coffee roasters.

Epic’s new Elder Brett: Saison-Brett Golden Ale is also barrel-aged, but has added yeast strains. It’s a sour beer, relatively rare in Utah. It’s oak-aged, and has a unique cellar taste.

The future for Epic, like its name suggests, looks grand. With a unique selection of craft beers, Epic Brewing is an industry leader in Utah that continues to further its brand nationwide.

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