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Smug Labs – Laser Creations

Brett Blaisdell combines science and imagination to create works of art.


Brett Blaisdell at Smug Labs Photo by Dung Hoang

“I snuck into an art show in Long Beach, and just started selling some boards there. You know, handing out my cards and just trying to get my name out.”  -Brett Blaisdell.

If Brett hadn’t bent the rules a little, we wouldn’t be able to admire all the work that’s resulted in that day’s success.

Brett Blaisdell 31, owns “Smug Labs”,  and calls himself a “Scientist with a laser.” The 31-year old blends his incredible talent and passion for design with the versatility of laser technology. Brett unscientifically refers to his equipment as “a big ass laser”

And what does this scientist create? Intricate graphics that he’s discovered he can apply to almost any material and surface.  “I’d never turn down an idea. I’m always up for it,” says Brett. He transforms intricate vectorized drawings into flat-out phenomenal works of art.  His canvases range from soap bars to motorcycle seats.

Photo by Dung Hoang

Brett started this business about four years ago as Smug Tape. “I was designing grip tape for skateboards. ‘Smug’ just came from being smug about your board – being proud of the personalization.”  When Brett invested in a giant 36 x 24-foot laser, he realized he could expand his talents. In addition to skateboard decks Brett engraves business cards, axe handles and tools, flasks and wallets. Moving forward, he is offering Smug-designed t-shirts and other readymade merchandise.

Brett’s favorite projects, though, are those that require collaboration and creativity. Brett works on projects with both locals and clients as far away as Australia. “They [clients] just bring me the general idea of what they want, and then I pull the idea together. 

About two years ago Brett decided to join Instagram. Amy Luther discovered his work there, and instantly knew his designs were a good investment. Now she and Brett run the company at 1010 N 500 E in Bountiful, with Brett handling the designs and Amy managing the marketing. Business has been good for this duo – and the future looks bright with the potential to do amazing things.Smug-Labs-Blaisdell-7666

Check out Smug Lab’s Instragram and Facebook pages. You won’t regret it.



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