What is Zaniac?

A new tutoring service offered with video games helps kids to learn math and science.


The bright purple and green building on 2100 South and around 1000 East, once the home of Sugar House Coffee, certainly attracts attention. The sign outside reads “Zaniac.” “What’s this?” I wondered. “Another Zumba-like fitness studio?”

The immaculately remodeled interior is full of brand new Apple computers. Chess and game boards fill the tables. I was still guessing at the function of this place when I walked in and discovered that Zaniac is a tutoring and learning center for kids.

Zaniac is a very big idea launched by New York Times best-selling author and entrepreneur Paul Zane. Zane wrote the best-selling books Unlimited Wealth and the Wellness Revolution, He has served as an economic advisor for two presidential administrations. So why did he start a tutoring business? His goal is nothing short of revolutionizing the way students learn science and math.

CEO of Zaniac, Paul Reddy, plans to launch many national locations. Sugar House is their second Utah location. They chose Sugar House because of its proximity to schools and commerce, and for the exposure their frontage would gain in the heart of 2100 South.

Reddy says that students learn math and physical science through a video game called Minecraft Exploration. They also offer a software program called Zane Math which is geared towards making math more enjoyable. “A lot of what we do is ‘edutainment,’ helping kids learn math while they believe they are playing games,” he notes.

The overall goal, Reddy explains, is to “bridge the gap between the kids who can afford to go to the best private schools and the kids who cannot.” Reddy adds that there are many excellent public school teachers, but the programs Zaniac offers give kids tools to achieve excellence in math and science. Zaniac hires tutors who are studying math and science while attending a university.

With American kids currently in 26th place in the world for their math and science test scores, it will be interesting to see if this program makes a difference.

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