Spooky Politics… Be Afraid

Are our elected officials doing what the say they do? You decide how it effects you and whether they will spook you or not.


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Did you ever stop to consider that Halloween and election day are so
close to each other?

They both have a lot in common – spectacles of gloom and doom, scary hereafters and hands extended for donations. Costumes also have much to do with it. For politicians and corporate types, wearing three-piece suits of armor psychologically shields them from the public. Such a costume says “I am powerful and not approachable.” Wouldn’t it be great if everyone dressed as a comic con character everyday? Then you would know a Klingon when you see a Klingon.

Halloween trick-or-treaters are only out for one night. Political characters can spook us throughout the year. Laws and policies altering our lives are perceived as fearsome. But are they? In this issue, Utah Stories looks at several areas where people can see monsters or fairy princesses depending on their points of view.  Take a look at the articles posted along with intro, such as Common Core, Charter Schools Revealed, ObamaCare and Who’s knocking at my door?  You can decide for yourself whether these topics are potentially spooky!

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