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Fantasy Comic Con artist Beth Trott

How one Utah artists found her niche in the big world of fantasy art and illustration. Also, her impressions of Utah’s first Comicon.


Beth Trott - Urgency Over Caution
Illustration by Beth Trott: “Urgency Over Caution”

One of the artists who had a booth at the Salt Lake Comic Con gathering was Beth Trott. Originally from Maryland she moved to Utah about two years ago. Beth is a full-time freelance illustrator. She does private commissions and work for gaming companies. One of her biggest clients is Wizards of the Coast and she does Dungeons and Dragons illustrations. She has been able to support herself with illustrating since 2004.
Beth’s work is populated by fairies, unicorns, fair maidens and brave warriors and, of course, dragons. She has done a series of illustrations inspired by the landscapes of Utah she calls, “Real Place, Unreal Things.”

Beth started drawing when she was two. Even then she loved to draw unicorns and dragons along with cartoon characters. She later studied fine art at George Washington University. After a while she eventually went back to fantasy illustrations. “I came full circle,” she says.
Beth loved being a part of the Salt Lake Comic Con. She says, “The comic book fan base are the greatest people – nice, patient and very kind. Even when things got so crowded that they couldn’t move, or there were mixups everyone was awesome.” She has already contacted the organizers for a booth in 2014.
Happy to be able to make a living doing something she has a passion for Beth says, “I love my job. I get to paint fairies and dragons all day, so I can’t complain.”


To see more of Beth’s work click here

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