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Got Beauty’s Owner Tammy Taylor Explains How She Found Her Niche

Why Got Beauty is not afraid of big box retail and mall cosmetic departments.


Tammy Taylor Owner of Got Beauty in Sugar House.
Tammy Taylor Owner of Got Beauty in Sugar House.

Tammy Taylor has received national awards for her ability to run a highly successful beauty shop in Sugar House. Beauty Store Business Magazine voted Got Beauty as one of the top 25 beauty stores in the country. Most of the little shops offering cosmetics, beauty supplies and home accessories have been unable to compete with the big box stores and huge cosmetics departments found in the malls. So how has Tammy managed to compete with the Goliaths? She attributes a great deal of her success to what she learned from her father and mother. After visiting with Tammy, one thing became very clear.  No one understands and appreciates the industry more than she does. A small petite woman, Tammy’s huge personality is alive in her store, and she is the ultimate legacy of a true ma and pa store. Her grandmother was the VP of Warner Bros makeup department, her Father was Utah’s first founder of a beauty supply chain, and her uncles and cousins were key makeup artists in the film industry. Tammy has been in business since 1990 during the golden years of Crossroads Plaza Mall and has survived at least 3 location moves.

Got Beauty is competing against the big boxes of the industry like Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, and Macy’s, so, it’s important that they distinguish themselves from the rest of the bunch. Tammy understands that in order to survive against the malls and big boxes Got Beauty must stay on top of clients’ ever changing needs and demands. Offering unique products and services, changing with the economic times, and having a functional, dynamic team are key to surviving.

“We truly have the best of both beauty worlds. We have the exciting opportunity to associate and work with clients all over the country and internationally, through our website (www.gotbeauty.com), As well as a daily opportunity to satisfy my first love, which is owning and operating a local ma and pa shoppe.”

Needless to say, operational mediocrity is not Tammy’s thing nor is dysfunctional management. She has built a foundation on trust and loyalty. She has cultivated a staff with very low attrition. She prefers “mentoring” to “managing”. This is the littlest “biggest’ beauty store I have visited and a one-stop shop for all ages.

Visit Got Beauty’s web site.

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