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The Mission Continues: Helping Veterans Make the Trek from Soldier to Civilian

Star Trek director supports a charity that reaches Salt Lake City.


Bravo Fellow with MulchUtah has some of the biggest Trekkies in America.  In fact, Utah theaters ranked in the top of the nation for attendance for the latest Star Trek: Into Darkness.   As Memorial Day approaches, Utah Stories would like to highlight a veterans-focused charity supported by Star Trek director J.J. Abrahms and his wife Kate McGrath.

The Mission Continues is a national nonprofit organization committed to ensuring the transition of recent veterans back into civilian life.  Unlike most charitable organizations, however, The Mission maintains that it does not offer charity.  Rather, it takes aim to challenge returning veterans to find transformed strength and commitment by continuing to serve their country at home by building stronger communities.

The organization awards fellowships to post-9/11 veterans to serve at local nonprofit organizations.  The goal of this six-month transition period is to ensure that the veteran achieves one of three outcomes: full-time employment, advancement of education, or a permanent service role.

The result of this effort have been outstanding:

  • 71% of Fellows have furthered their education911 Memorial (7)
  • 86% of Fellows have transferred their military skills to civilian employment
  • 86% of Fellows have believed the program helped them become a better leader in their communities
  • 91% of Fellows have taught others the value of service and were able to sustain a role of service within their communities

Salt Lake City is one of 22 project cities involved.  To learn how to support our veterans with this challenging transition in their lives, please visit or


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