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Valter’s Osteria

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Flavorful Addition to Salt Lake City’s Culinary Landscape

After a rough winter, an escape to the sunny delights of Tuscan cuisine seemed just what the doctor ordered. With this in mind, what better place to head to than Valter´s Osteria, the latest addition to the local Italian dining scene by Walter Nassi – the most passionate voice of Italian cuisine in Utah. Our party of three was delighted to discover the understated beauty of the Osteria´s dining room. Subtle Italian elegance, a perfect reflection on its owner and the restaurant´s $$$$ price point  can make an evening at Valter´s Osteria a pricy intermezzo.

Valter's Osteria is located at 173 West Broadway
Valter’s Osteria is located at 173 West Broadway

Guests will therefore appreciate the Bruchetta and highly addicting dips served courtesy of the house. After a stopover at the bar and a glass of bubbly and “punch in the mouth” Grappa martini at the bar. Once seated at the table our “Antipasto Toscano” was as crisp and as fresh as they come.

The cold meats (especially the caper infused pork slices) were excellent, as this German foodie (raised on cold cuts and speck) will be happy to confirm. Our delight with the appetizer did, however, not carry over to our shared “Linguini Vongole” primi piatto. There was more missing than just a pinch of salt in this dish; it simply tasted under seasoned and “off” on the garlic end of things. A very solid Pork Chinatigana and excellent Salsicce E Mare turned things around for us, however, and the shared dolci “Chocolato Al Forno” had all the elements of a successful dining finale.

Apropos finale; no evening at Valter´s Osteria will ever be complete without being seen off at the door by Walter himself. And after we were given this ultimate accolade it was decided that this was not the last time we will escape Utah´s grey winter for a place in the sun at Valter´s Osteria.


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