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Bountiful’s Vitality Nutrition Teaches How to Eat Well & Live Well

Vitality Nutrition educates on the effects of the American diet to encourage Utahns to take charge of their health education.


Vitality Nutrition, located at 107 S 500 W in Bountiful
Vitality Nutrition, located at 107 S 500 W in Bountiful

Jared St. Clair began working at his parents’ Bountiful-based health-food shop when he was seven years old. Jared assumed ownership of Vitality Nutrition 19 years ago and is just as passionate about educating the public regarding health as was his father, Clyde St.Clair.

Vitality Nutrition opened in 1976, the shelves stocked with whole grains and organic food, an unusual sight for its era. Jared said about his father, “He really did see the vision of having a place where his kids could be educated on how to work hard and live healthy. Back then, health food stores were more like granola shops. Ninety-five percent of what I sell hadn’t even been discovered.”

The store has since evolved into an emporium specializing in natural products and nutritional counseling. Jared is continually seeking ways to broaden his knowledge and share what he is learning with others. He hosts “Vitality Radio,” a one-hour weekly radio show that covers current topics in nutrition and health freedom—the political and corporate side of health. Vitality Nutrition also holds seminars, provides sustainable weight loss counseling, and offers detoxification and sports nutrition programs.

Jared attributes the increase of diabetes, heart disease and cancer to the typical American diet. He believes the key to experiencing one’s “vitality,” is adopting a diet of whole, unprocessed organic food and avoiding genetically modified food. “A lot of what we sell here, we wouldn’t have to sell if everyone ate right,” said Jared. Supplements such as Vitamin D and essential fats can help to fill the nutritional deficiencies of nearly every American. Other supplements can be used to treat more specific physical or mental conditions, such as depression and anxiety.

The staff at Vitality Nutrition specializes in educating people on the effective and safe use of natural supplements. They are intent on finding answers for their customers, and encourage others to take charge of their health education. I walked in for an interview and left with a bottle of trace minerals in hand. Pay the shop a visit; you might learn something new.

Vitality Nutrition is located at 107 S 500 W, Bountiful. Vitality Radio is on air Saturdays at 9 a.m. on 1280 AM and 97.5 FM.


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