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Chicken Coops Are Family Chic in Utah

Backyard chickens offer a connection between the city slickers and small town farmers.


The Mason family in front of their luxury chicken coop.

Where does the Environmental Left meet the Libertarian Right? The organic and local food movement join forces with the gold, guns and groceries gang? At the chicken coop! Walk down any alley in Salt Lake-from the East Side benches to the Central City hood-and you’re likely to find chickens. Why? Regardless of political or philosophical persuasion, everyone eats.

But chickens do more than just feed the body. They nourish and heal the soul, connecting us to both nature and what we consume, restoring wholeness along with independence. Raising chickens transforms the production of food from an anonymous, corporate enterprise into a hands-on reality, a reality over which we can exercise control. And chickens are fun. It’s just like hanging out with the girls!

For Janet Waymen of South Jordan, the girls are Margaret, Olive, Ingrid, Roxy, Belle and Olive. When Wayman calls their names, they all come running. “They know they will get a treat,” she says. Wayman and other backyard chicken ranchers are passionate about what they do. She has been keeping chickens for nine years, long before the activity became the popular trend it is now. “I just found them irresistable,” she says. The Tuffshed coop, fencing, feed and water dispensers, waste disposal, and detailed knowledge of chicken behavior.


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