Wing Coop Salt Lake City

Wing Coop sizzles prize-winning chicken wings in Salt Lake City.


wing coop restaurant in salt lake city

wing coop restaurant in salt lake city11-11-11. It’s not some new tax gimmick, but a standing challenge at the Wing Coop restaurant.

Located in the Olympus Hills Shopping Center on Wasatch Boulevard and identified by the chicken with its wings on fire, Wing Coop offers chicken wings and 15 sauces to jazz them up. The challenge is if a diner can consume 11 wings in 11 minutes with 11 sauces, they receive a gift certificate and a T-shirt. But beware – the Santa tabasco sauce does everything to live up to its name!

The Wing Coop has recently been flying high. They won awards over three years at the National Buffalo Wings Festival: 1st place in 2007 for honey habenero in the creative category, 2nd place in 2009 for Santa tabasco in the traditional category and 3rd place for Tatanka BBQ in the traditional bbq category. In 2010, they won the City Weekly “Best of Utah” award.

Store hours are Monday to Saturday 11 am to 10 pm, Sunday noon to 8 pm.

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