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November 2011 Readers Forum

Feedback from the October 2011 issue of Utah stories including comments about the featured Rock and Roll must die article.


Dear Editor,

I was surprised to see my letter to you along with Janine Donald’s letter in the October issue of Utah Stories. I, too, would help volunteer to help proofread your magazine because of its value to the community. The current issue has significantly improved in grammar, spelling and punctuation. I will only mention one error your writers should note: page 23 Hogle Zoo is misspelled “Utah Hogal Zoo.” I laughed at the section on page 31 where you want readers to send you errors. From my response at least you know your public is reading your magazine!

— Pam

Editor’s Response:

Thank you Pam for the kind words. To do what you love, there is always a hill to climb and a struggle to find people who share your vision. I thank my great staff of current proof readers and copy editors for taking ownership of this problem: Al Sachrov, Paige Wiren and Virginia Maris Grebinko have all stepped up and worked very hard to fact check, find redundancies and grammatical errors. I greatly appreciate readers pointing out problems and hearing so many positive comments and constructive criticism and debate regarding our stories and content.

-Richard Markosian
Online Comments for Rock and Roll Must Die:

We are just steps away from not having local burger joints, bars, book stores, and other American staples. It’ll all be golden arches, and trademarked logos. — William Beal

Just another example of our idiotic litigious society. Get the petition going. — Scott

Oversized corporations are threatening local businesses. We can’t have this happen. Please count me in on the petition. — Miriam “Midge” Barno

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