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Jed’s Barbershop Gets New Look

Beal has redecorated his barbershop to a uniquely Salt Lake style.


Jed Beal from Jed's Barbershop

Jed Beal from Jed's Barbershop Sued by corporate America? No big deal says Jed Beal, his hip new look features work from local photographers

Jed Beal is a happy new father. His new store is born. The “new” Jed’s Barbershop is a result of Jed receiving a cease-and-desist letter from Floyd’s 99 Barbershop in their claim that Jed’s was in violation of their trade mark as “The Original Rock and Roll Barbershop”. Jed’s has removed any and all references to music. The details on this story can be read in our October issue.

Jed has redecorated his store to a uniquely Salt Lake style. Photos picturing the city adorn his walls, all taken by local photographers. The local community came out in support of Jed in his being told by a Goliath to step down or be squashed. Jed seems unscathed and looks forward to a bright future as the only black and white photo themed barbershop in Salt Lake City. Will he trade mark this idea? Ask Jed this question for yourself by visiting his great barbershop located on 700 East and 220 South.

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