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Bohemian Brewery

Bohemian Brewery is like a beautiful oasis for anyone who loves good food and beer.



Bohemian Brewery is without a doubt the coolest place in all of. Midvale City is home to Laser Quest, The Family Center,  the I-215 freeway, dozens of strip malls.

Joe Petras (Founder of Bohemian Brewery) along with son Pete Petras.

But Bohemian Brewery and restaurant are like a beautiful oasis for anyone who loves good food and good beer. Like all other Utah breweries we’ve mentioned, Bohemian has been in expansion for the past three years. They expanded their building adding an additional 3,633 square feet tripling their brewing capacity.

Unlike all other Utah microbreweries Bohemian has chosen to go with cans instead of bottles. They prove they are not so odd in this regard by posting photos of the Microbrewery Can Festival, an annual event in Reno, Nevada.
Trying their cans from the grocery store next to the likes of Pabst and Miller Light it’s hard to believe that canned beer can actually taste so good.

Pete and Joe Petras are the father and son duo who defend can usage like Cheny defends gun rights. Yes, while it may be a little weird to put an incredible microbrew in a can, there are great benefits. First of all, a can is more portable for outdoor activities. Second, a can blocks 100% of the harmful UV light that can spoil beer. Third, a can is more environmentally friendly. OK I’m convinced there is nothing better in Midvale than Bohemian brewpub and there is nothing better in a can than Bohemian Beer. They have added two new lines to cans in recent months, their award winning Cherny Bock and their Viennese Lager. Head Brewer Bobby Jackson is another in the list of excellent, awarded Utah Brewers.

Check out our online video on Bohemian Brewery where they teach us “The Art of Pouring Beer.”

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