The Brave New Virtuality– December Issue Introduction

What can you buy to bring the Christmas Spirit to your house this year?


This time of the year, everyone has one question on their mind: what can I buy to bring the Christmas Spirit to my house this season?

christmas morning
Will your Christmas morning happen in front of a TV or computer screen this year?

Want to buy a Christmas tree to show off to your friends how festive you are but you are worried about the mess? Don’t worry, you can grab a synthetic Christmas tree made of plastic that looks perfect year after year!

How about those expensive toys the kids have been nagging you for? Worried they cost too much? Trying paying for them with plastic, and then you won’t have to worry about paying it off until later and never need look at the real money.

Want to invite some friends over and enjoy some delicious eggnog? Sure, but who should you invite? Fortunately you can check their status on Facebook to see who your real friends are without even having to look them in the eye. As for the eggnog, you don’t have to worry about salmonella. Most grocery chains don’t even carry eggnog made with real eggs.

In this issue of Utah Stories, we examine what we call the “Brave New Virtuality” and explore how technology is shaping our cities and our culture for better and for worse. If you have been reading Utah Stories all year, you may see how this issue continues the central theme to so many of the articles we have covered in 2010.

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Utah Stories will be auctioning off the original cover illustration on e-bay this month. This piece is by local Salt Lake City artist Clayton Thompson. This piece will be framed and bidding will start at just $130. Subscribe to Utah Stories to be alerted when bidding will begin.






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