July 2010

  • Salt Lake City Patio Dining

    Utah Stories has picked some of our favorite outdoor dining places to share in our Go Local Guide section.

  • Utah’s Five Wackiest Summer Destinations

    The Utah sights noted here are bona fide, idiosyncratic expressions of the unconventional, extraordinary places of interest worthy of visiting and experiencing for yourself.

  • July Issue Introduction

    It’s always fascinating traveling outside of Utah and getting an outsiders perspective on our beloved Beehive state.

  • Local Business Scorecard

    Times are tough, but some local businesses may be doing better than you think. Here is a snapshot of what’s going on in Salt Lake City with reporting by the…

  • Nappi Clothing

    Nappi is Salt Lake City’s most successful homegrown jeans designer and will now be able to move out of the design studio and into a retail location at the end…

  • Parallel Vineyards

    Founded by four couples from Park City, Utah, Parallel Napa Valley, is a hillside vineyard in Napa Valley that is the culmination of a dream the eight friends hatched on…

  • Salt Lake City’s Fashion Entrepreneurs

    The basic background of Domingo is fascinating. She was instrumental in growing one of the most unique and unlikely business success stories to emerge from Salt Lake City: Black Chandelier.

  • Drake Family Farms

    Surrounded by the expanding suburbs of West Jordan is a lane named after the family who has been farming 10 acres there for six generations.

  • Fish Lake, Utah

    Fish Lake is probably the least known national forest are in Utah.

  • Beloved Artisan Jewelry

    Beloved Artisan Jewelry has some of the most unique jewelry in Utah. About 20 artists are featured in the store at a time, and Brian and Amy can tell you…

  • Five Utah Hot Springs Reviewed

    If you’re looking for a departure from your customary pastimes, consider taking in some of Utah’s geothermal mineral waters.

  • Uinta Brewing Company Launches Crooked Line

    Uinta’s latest “Crooked Line” is the result of two years of planning and development and a $1 million investment which includes an all-in-one, state-of-the-art bottling, labeling and cleaning machine bought…

  • Utah’s Best Food Blogs II

    In alphabetical order, here are Utah Stories’ favorite sites for the gastronomically inclined.

  • Why Epic Beer is the Toast of the Town

    “Epic” is the well known adjective to describe the perfect powder day. That a late comer to the craft brew industry now appears to have dibs on “Epic Brewery” is…

  • Ra-el-co Electric

    At Ra-el-co you might find just what you’ve been looking for in a Skippy jar

  • England Plumbing

    Salt Lake’s England Plumbing, 1000 East 3300 South, has stood ready to improve machismo and marriage via plumbing skills for several generations.