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Off the Beaten Path — June Issue Introduction

Utah Stories visits some of Utah’s best tiny towns in this special anniversary issue.


About this Issue
by Richard Markosian

Discover some of Utah’s most interesting tiny towns in this special travel and adventure issue of Utah Stories

off the beaten path

We came up with the idea for this issue in response to some criticism we have received in writing mostly about Salt Lake City, while calling our magazine “Utah Stories.” I’m well aware there is much more to Utah than Salt Lake City, and I agree urbanites tend to believe that there is very little going on outside of Salt Lake worth seeing besides maybe Spiral Jetty. We drive by pastures, see roads that might be interesting, but we don’t stop because of the time we will lose. Certainly it’s nice to arrive in Vegas, Lake Powell or St. George in record time, but it’s a shame that time can totally consume our lives and prohibit us from opening ourselves to the unexpected people and adventures that await when we venture off the beaten path. John Lennon was right when he sang: “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.” The feature of this issue is a road trip I took without a schedule— and without a real destination. The people I met along the way did not disappoint. For what small towns may lack in excitement the people who live there generously compensate. This issue is also jam packed with stories on businesses from Do It Yourself Greatness, to Fashion Entrepreneurs and Hot springs —all out of the mainstream. Outside the norm, off the well-traveled roads is what Utah Stories is all about.

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